Results in Business- How I get them being me?

Over the years I discover the truth about the results in business. I learn that I don’t need fancy strategy to be successful. I need right things. The things that going along with my beliefs, values. The things that somehow feel right. The things that inspires and excites me. I stopped listening other people, all the “experts”. I don’t read articles about “HOW TO” or “TOP TEN TIPS”.

And I stopped write them as well. And I know. If you are reading any articles about how to write good blog post the titles starting with “how to” are a MUST. But let me tell you something. I have been writhing them for ages. What was the results… yyy.. not so good but I can’t complain. But when I decided that all the rules about the good blog posts are just lame and I started writing the articles just like that, to share my real thoughts…

The results just skyrocket!

I don't count the words. I don't use the popular titles. I write how I feel. No rules for gramma and working with dictionary.

I'm making mistakes. Sometimes it is a mess of different thoughts. But who cares? It's cool to me and this is the most important part.

Results in three simple questions.

The results are better and I'm creating much more content. I feel excited to write new blog post!

And whatever I do in my business, I'm asking myself WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT'S WORKING? WHAT'S NOT WORKING?

Just think about it…

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Why to maintain doing something if it’s not working? I measure my work daily. This giving me better results, less stress and FUN. I was trying to figure things out so many times. I have been reading guides and so many business books. I was searching for all the “how to” articles. I was implementing someone’s else vision with bad results.

Then I started working on my own vision and the solutions that works for me. I started to BE ME in my business. I put myself first and I get the results I needed. Now I’m not forcing myself. I’m giving myself a space to think and just be. All the answers, solutions just flowing. And all I have to do know is to ENJOY it!

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Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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