You will get as much as you want to.

But first you need to follow my rules:

1. I will not give you what you want. I will give you what you never dream of.
2. I need your honesty. I want you to speak your mind. Always share with me what is that you want, what you feel. There’s no should/ could – behave, say, do.
3. You need to open your mind. I’m going to tell you what I see. I don’t care what you will think about me. You can hate me. I’m not here to be your friend.
4. We will go deep, it may be really uncomfortable for you but it’s necessary.
5. You need to play full out. You will tell me everything what you don’t want me to know about.

6. I’m very direct. I may say things that no one would dare to say. I will hide absolutely nothing.
7. You have to have integrity in what you say, you actually do. You have to be ready to also put the time and extra work into it.
8. You will practice whatever we will discuss in our session. You will do everything what necessary to not screw this up. You have to be willing to go to the edge. You will need to lean into your fears.
9. I expect the payment only when you are ready to fully commit. If I will not receive that money, our discussion/work is complete. No hard feelings. No pitching. Call me when you’re ready.
10. Our sessions are confidential.

By purchasing anything from my website you automatically agree with this rules. Don't bullshit me and don't shit yourself. I will remind you about them at least few times before, during and after our work together. I believe that INSANE results starts with these rules.

I know it's hard to open up to a stranger.. To say things out loud that you never said before. But believe me it's so worth it! Are you afraid that it will be uncomfortable? All the magic happens behind our comfort zone. It will be as much uncomfortable for you as it is for me.

Don’t impulse buy me.

I’m confident about myself, my knowledge, experience and skills. But I can’t quarantee any results, do you now why? Because no matter what I will do or say, you have to listen and practice. I will play full out but I need you to give me 100% too. It’s not 50/50 effort! We need 200%. For this reason I don’t want you to impulse buy me. I know that not everyone will be ready for that. And I’m sure I’m not for everyone. So make up your own mind and come back when you are ready!

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