Vegan fashion- good topic for 2017 #fashionwithrespect

„When you buy a product you love, do you know how it was made? At LaBante London we do.”

This is a quote from the website of the vegan brand I want to speak about. When I first met the band I was skeptical. I’m not a real fan of using words like Eco, light, vegetarian, vegan… But I looked inside and this is what I find out.

LaBante established in 2009 with the love to the ethos of ‘Fashion With Respect.’ The bags and jewellery are vegan, Eco friendly, produced ethically. Levant is PETA approved Vegan label. All materials are ethically sourced with no involvement in animal cruelty. Which is amazing!

So we can see that the brand is Eco, vegan, ethical – it’s already a lot! In todays world, it’s not easy to find sustainable brand which things in that way. It’s also not easy to promote this kind of brand.

Vegan- it’s not only that. 10% of the profits going to charity, because the brand likes to promote a culture of giving, wherever they can.

And When I read that I just thought about one of my golden sentences:

„Give to inspire others to give.„

As other media said already I’m gonna agree that LaBante London is one of the top Vegan fashion brands to watch, they are leading a change in the industry.

You can both enjoy and be proud of their products.