Fashion business or life…

The only person who can stop you

is YOU!!

Yes, you got me right! You are the one responsible for your life. And you have a life on your own wish. Are you not happy with your life? You keep asking “Why me?”? You are the creator of your life and if right now you are not satisfaid with how it looks like, aks yourself what did you do to make it like that?

Ok. The world influence us all the time. We are bombarded with houndreds of informations. But we are the one who making decision. It’s our choice to do something, right? So why we let other people lead our lives? It’s because we are weak? No! It is not about how good we are, what talents we have. It is not a matter of luck or magic… It’s our awareness, I guess…

The way we think...

Problems are cause by our lives being driven by our thoughts and feelings, rather than by the actions we value and the things we want to achieve.

Unwanted thoughts and feelings can dictate how we baheve... We are following the thinking circle. From thoughts we going to feelings, then body sensations and the behaviour. And we keep doing that over and over again.

Why we bother to get up in the morning?

Because we still hoping that there is something more... we can be something more!

We can have the life we desire! We need to follow the process of reviewing, challenging and changing!

Are you acting,

or reacting?

Everyday we are facing many of thinking errors. Often we even don’t recognize it. We are taking our thoughts as a fact. Without any kind of review. I don’t mean that we need to overthink, analyse any even the smallest thought. But.. I think is very important to know what is stopping us. And then catch the thoughts that cause it. And of course change them into realistic and balanced thoughts. It doesn’t matter if we speak about your fashion business or any aspekt of your life. The rules are the same. You need to shift your mindset.

We need to practice the new way of thinking all the time. But don’t get crazy because of that. You can still achieve greatness! So back to the title: how to be unstoppable?

Don’t make fancy plans! When you feel fire up to do something, just do it! Lunch fast! Do you have business idea? new product? Don’t overthink, just lunch. Use shameless promotion and keep going no matter what!

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