I was trying to cut my dreams off, it cost my miserable life with no excitement, whatsoever.. that was not cool, not cool at all! But I was thinking that if I will hide my ambitions people will like me, I will be like most of them- average. I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t see myself as a special person. I wanted to much the crowd, so badly! I have pretty bad experience with showing up as an ambitious woman. It cost me some relationships, employment…

But now I can see that being ambitious and different is not that bad. I have finally spent time with people who inspires me, who live extraordinary life and want to share their experiences with me. I’m proudly speaking about who I am and what I do. I’m not the kind of “popular” girl, influencer. But it is not any more about a high number of friends, but about real connections.

For a long time I was avoiding being different, having bigger morals and ambitions. Now I really embrace those things. I also embrace my imperfections, like perfectionism. I know.. I said so many times don't try to make things perfect. But I'm just a human. I make mistakes. I'm not perfect.

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I’m perfectionist. I always want to over- deliver. I work my butt off in order to give my clients the most amazing experience… And I own it. I’m proud of who I am! I know that I will never make things perfect. And my presence is more than they ever dream of. rfections in the comments.

I’m always giving amazing experience! Often I don’t know exactly what that experience will be, I don’t know the end results. I can’t be sure of anything. But my way of being is my biggest power. It’s so rare, that it will create an impact itself.  Feel free to embrace your imperfections in the comments! Remember nobody is perfect!

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