How to switch your mind from any problems

Overwhelm is a huge issue. We are masters in pretending that we are fine, that everything is ok. But many times the struggle is real. We can look peaceful but inside our heads, it’s a lot going on. We don’t want to pass our problems to other people. We want to figure things out on our own. But no matter how hard we try overwhelm is coming back. It’s so easy to loose the controle, let our problems guide our life.


It’s necessary to know what to do if this happen. I could point journaling, meditation, affirmations- this are really great tools but what if you really don’t have time for that, what if you don’t believe in this methods? I found something easy to switch your mind in a sec. Think where you are, what is around you, what colors can you see, what shapes can you see, what can you hear, what can you smell. Experience present moment by all your senses.

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How can you do it all?

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The truth is: you can’t do it all. You have to make some wise choices. You are the one responsible for your life. So live your life fully. Don’t listen people about how your life should look like, what you should say or do. Don’t put so much pressure on yourslef. Manage your inner bitch and do what you have to do.

Don’t try to fit into any “norms”. Don’t try to please other people. It’s your life! Do what you wanna do, do what matters to YOU. Be bold, own your opinions, create and follow your vision. Do what you always wanted to do. Spend time with your family. Take extra time off. Don’t let your business or career dictate your life. Live on your own terms!

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