Peak State Session


  1. You will get 4 weeks 1:1 life changing mentorship, 1 hour intense, peak state session per week (no more dicking around!).
  2. Professional 24/7 WhatsApp and e-mail support to answer all your questions.
  3. Additional livestream support 1 per month.
  4. Additional 30 minutes session for newbies 😉
  5. And bonuses, like business templates, list of tools and ready to use solutions that really works!

Why should you get it? This program speaks VALUE!

  1. It’s 1:1 support customized to your needs. Another session follow up the previous one to achieve insane results.
  2. Every session is design to motivate, push, inspire and educate in a very practice way.
  3. You will get my objective feedback and suggestions to take your fashion business to the next level.
  4. It’s super intensive program available for a very limited number of people!
  5. I will not leave you without clear vision, business model, ready to implement action plan, easy to follow marketing plan, target customer question guide and schedule template.

It’s ONLY £497 for 4 weeks!! All you have to do it’s click “BUY NOW”, proceed the payment and… be ready for my message! Remember life is what you make it!

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Fashion Business 4 Weeks Mentorship Program

I know. It’s so easy to tell people dream big…

It’s so easy to let them think about all the fantasies…

It’s easy to say “you can have it all”…

But achieving is not only about dreaming, it’s a whole process…

Dreams come true… but not overnight, not alone…

Together we can work in a serious peak state mode! We CAN! But..

Are you ready for journey of your life?

New beginning that will scare the shit out of you?

Wow! Slow down, girl! That’s sounds crazy right now… Does it?

You want to settle? Please don’t!!!

Fashion Business Mentor
Professional support 24/7!!

Are you really believe that you are able to figure things out on your own in this CRAZY world?

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How many times you complain that no one can understand you? How many times you feel overwhelmed and frustraited? How many times you getting crazy when you trying to figure things out?

I know the answers… And I’m here to fully support you! I’m here to hold your hand if your scared, hug you if you are sad. Kick your ass when you are lazy and open your eyes when you blind…

Have you been thinking about doing something for years but you didn’t do it? How many times our dreams coming back over and over again… and we are still in this not very interesting situation of existence. We want to have exciting life but all we do is hiding.. Am I right?

Seriously: What are you waiting for?! Ok. Forget it! Do your thing and I will do mine. We don’t need to work together. You don’t need to buy my stuff. Stay where you are… forever!

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Pat, I'm not ready yet.

Too risky? Let's start with appetizer: £1 investment, shall we?