Kickstart Package


Have you ever tried to figure things out by yourself?

How did it work for you? Did the details make you CRAZY?

Do you want help, extra hand for your fashion business?

If you are like most of fashion junkies I know „business” is not your favourite topic, nor is it your expertise. You know you have to do it. So you force yourself to do it. And because you feel forced, you don’t do it very well… Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, I have been there too. This was a reson why I created Kickstart Package. The pack is for achievers who are looking for complex solutions in reasonable price You will get the ebook #JUSTSTART and 28 days online support course for only £29,99!


Kickstart package to lunch your business fast!

I need to say something that will probably make me come off to be a massive bitch.. But well… I’ve already been labelled that by many, so I’m gonna do it anyway.
Please don’t email/message me about how you’re unsure if you should buy anything from me because the last time you did something like that, it was a “waste of money” and you didn’t learn “anything”. First of all, you can’t learn NOTHING! Even if you discover that not every expert is a freaking expert, you learn something.
Second of all, you are pathetic! You just finding another excuse to fucking around! It means.. You are not fashion achiever! It means you are in wrong place!
Third of all, NO ONE CARES. I’m sorry (not I’m NOT sorry!), but hearing you whine and complain that someone “took your money” and under-delivered doesn’t mean shit to me! And the fact that you’re asking me if I’m gonna do the same makes me want to punch you in the face for being so fucking disrespectful!!!

You are right! I don't have a time for bullsh*t!

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Are there people who’ve worked with me that ended up being the wrong fit for me (and me for them)? YES!

This is because not everyone is willing to do the work. Not everyone will get the results!

My responsibility is to hold space for you, encourage and inspire you, and give you a good verbal smackdown when necessary, so that you – yep, you guessed it – do the freaking work!!!

Don’t be a pussy! (yes, I said that and no, I will not apologize for that) Take the freaking action or leave!

I'm on fire!

Success is a decision! I already made mine!

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