Golden Ticket


Have you ever wished you had a secret weapon you could use to guarantee you results? A way that you could easily build clientele? A bullet-proof system for bringing your ideas to launch in few hours. For turning your knowledge, skills and passion into a cash machine, allowing you to create the business and life of your dreams and live your ultimate lifestyle NOW?

Guess what? You do have a secret weapon and you CAN create your ultimate lifestyle business now! I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to get results you need. The golden ticket is giving you unlimited time with me! Your mind is clinging now to the worst – case scenario? Are you wonder why am I doing this? I want to develop and practice my skills, make the offer affordable and irresistible. In the same time I want to fully serve and impact people. I have the knowledge, skills and experience. It’s time to share it with the world, it would be selfish not to.

Here’s how it works? We will meet up for the extraordinary online session (Skype, WhatsApp). This intensive BESPOKE and honest session will take you through the features of fashion business and offer a practical understanding of fashion management and fashion industry in general. It will also explore the importance of being you, following your vision and constantly progressing in life. It’s incredible opportunity to discuss life, career and fashion business matters in a completely different level. This session is about you, your needs and your questions. 2, 4, 8, 10 hours… As long as both sides are actively speaking the session is ON.


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Limited offer for Fashion Achievers ONLY!

Is this golden ticket for me?

I work with fashion achievers, people who have great visions and feel that there’s more for them to be, give and create. I work with people who have burning desire to turns their vision into reality. I work with people who are high achievers. They want to leave the average behind them. I work with people who treat their business seriously. They know that applying themselves to discover, invent, create, and/or solve something that will make a difference in the world is the legacy they want to create. They want to create the future of fashion industry.

I work with people who are passionate. They devote themselves to the things that matter to them. I work with people who take risks, get uncomfortable because they understand that this is the way to get what they want. They’ve a stories of brilliant successes and spectacular failures. They know that fear is a good sign and that a deep desire is just next to it. I work with people who take action like it’s second nature. They are hungry of success and tired of playing small. They want to live incredible life. I work with extraordinary people who inspire me.

I want to spend my time with a people who want to be the champions, ok? If you wanna succeed you gonna pay the price. If you wanna fail you gonna pay the price too. This is what I learned over the years. It’s not taking any more effort to succeed as it takes to fail.


I'm done with playing small

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Content, agenda

I could follow the average, needy “experts” and prepare boring, useless content and wish that I will fullfil your expectations… But I’m not average. I want to make this session extraordinary. There’s no agenda. It’s a bespoke, powerful experience. I want to fulfill YOUR needs. Answer YOUR questions, fully serve YOU. I will not hold myself back. I will bring all my knowledge, skills and experience. I don’t care who you are, what you do, what is your position… I will play full out and I want you to do that too. I may say what no one would dare to say! I’m not here to be your friend, to compliment you, please you… I’m here to give you RESULTS! I believe that if you wanna be successful you can’t separate life from your business. You need to find harmony between those two. We will work on the topics like vision building, communication strategy, business strategy and business model making, business development, online visibility, project management, teambuilding, money making, high performance & confidence creation and everyting in between.

What is the trick?

There’s no trick! You play full out, I will bring all out. We are done when you say so. It’s great opportunity for both of us! Believe me I have so much to gain too. WIN-WIN!! You still thinking that there must be something with this offer. Well we can deal with catastrophic thinking too 😉

Act on it right away before the spots are gone! Stop making it so complicated. The deal is clear, no hiden rules, no tricks!

You can have results or excuses. Never both.

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Teresa Cruz

“My fashion career is on a completely different level! After one month of working with her I changed my job. I get a better position and money that I never dream of. The impossible is possible!”

Carolyn Maxwell

“I was reading so many articles “how to start”, everywhere was written that I need a team. I'm not really good at teamwork and I didn't have money to hire so I was afraid to start doing anything. Patri showed me how to monetize my idea and design systems in my business without worrying about the team. “Start with what you have”- she said. ”

Jenni Anderson

“Honestly: my first though was: is she insane wanting this money?! But priceless is her genuine interest, authentic conversation, expertise and knowledge. I felt like I know her forever and I get the results instantly!!!”

Lisa Taylor

“I felt offended when I first talk with her. I was thinking “Who she think she is?!” and then something switched. The truth may be painful. The direct language may be uncomfortable. But this gets me to the breakthrough. This really changed my life! ”

Lucy Green

“No more silence and pretending that it's ok where it is not. She showed me different world. During the golden ticket session I was laughing, crying, screaming... it was a roller coaster of different emotions and great experience. I felt like she really gets me. Sometimes harsh, sometimes funny... so worth it!! ”

Katie Alison

“I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else know such detailed things about my problem. You are amazing!”

Laura Paul

“I was visiting her website all the time, reading everything over and over again. I kept thinking, analysing the pros and cons of working with her. It feels like ages before I finally decided to contact her. Mind blowing! Big enthusiasm and professionalism at the same time. She really reads me there was no way to hide anything but playing full out was even better. #catharsis”