#KICKASS Consultation

£397.00 £297.00

I understand.

I really understand!

We’re living in the world where is thousands of products, everything easily available online.

That’s great, but do anyone care about our needs? Did anyone ask what we really want?

Probably not.

These days, not many people care about personal contact. They prefer send you the product without even thinking who you are.

Are they scared to look into your eyes? Did they have something to hide?

I want to offer you something different, something special, what will met your needs!

How it’s gonna happen?

The answer is easy!

I want you to tell me, what do you really want?

How can I serve you?

This intensive session is for you and YOU only!

Ask me questions that you think you shoudn’t ask. The questions that you are afraid to ask.

Because that means that this is exatly what you need to know.

I’m ready to speak with you. But are you ready for that too?


Product Description

In-depth consultation tailored to YOUR needs.

First, you will receive a survey. I will need your honest answers.

Then we will schedule a consultation.

For 2 hours we will discuss your challenges and opportunities.

We will analyse it to get clarity on your vision and we will discover next steps to achieve it.

After 2 weeks we will call you to make sure, that you are working towards your goals.

How you can start your own fashion business?

Do you need an extra hand with doing it?

Or something is not right and you want me to check it?

Whatever the reason is, I will find the solution.

I am happy to serve you!