Did you ask them to?

It’s very rare to have response from the audience without asking for it. You can’t expect people to engage with you just because. And asking people to connect with your content when you actually don’t share any clear message, make no sense. Again we going back to communication strategy. Do you have one ready to follow?

99% of my clients who already have a business, don’t plan marketing campaigns or any promotion actions. Sharring content with your audience is necesary. Oh Patri, what content could I create if I’m selling only dresses?? Well, fashion is more that clothes. Description like: “Nice red dress”, suck! You need to define your message. How you want to make your customers feel? You can speak about confidence. You can also share some tricks about stylisation.

People buy feelings.

If your message is giving irresistable value, is high vibe and truly speak to the customer, people will engage with you. You have no idea how big is the grow of selling when you implement communication strategy.

You have to be clear on what you want to say and how you want to say it. Still not sure what your message should be? Speak to your audience. Ask what is important to them in case of ex. choosing new dress.

Build real connection.

You expect people to engage with you and your content, but are you doing the same? Do you connect with them. I'm a big fan of havng conversation.

It's not about pitching people about your product. Have a little chat with them. It will help you go over the fear of selling and make your potencial customer more comfortable too.

Authenticity & Trust

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Don’t pretend. Remember that your client is a human. People want to know that you are real, your product is real. They want to trust you. So be you! Show up, speak up and don’t give up! Consistent message and daily promotion is a key. And promotion doesn’t mean stereotypical spamming with “Buy now”.

It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for money. It dosn’t make sense to put all the content out there and just expect people to buy it. Ask for money. Developing communication strategy that will work for you EVERY time is impossible. Is more about experiment. Trying different ways of communication and measure the results. Keep up with things that are working well and feel right for you.

Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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