Respect yourself and

respect others.

I published livestream on my Facebook group and I thought why not to share it with my readers here too. The livestream was inspired by the situation I faced today morning. I had scheduled a meeting with my client. And he call me 5 minutes before the meeting that he is not able to come (for no reason! ) and he wants money back… Money back? Are you kidding me, baby? I will not give money back for your disrespectful behaviour!

I’m shocked that people can be so rude to others, for no reason! I would never refund this! I respect myself and I respect m time. I will not reschedule this meeting or give anything. We all are making some choices. If the choice of this client was to pay for a consultation and then not to show up. It’s his choice.


Respect is something you really need in your entrepreneurial life. You can't allow others to do with you whatever they want. You have to respect yourself, give an example of how to treat you.

Be kind to others. All your actions will have a consequences. Sometimes not exactly in the same time.


Being kind have some limits too. Many times we are too polite and we are letting others lead in whatever we doing. Don't let that happen to you!

Don't be rude. But keep the responsibility of your own choices for yourself. It's YOUR life!

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