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Religious Fashion

Religion is not a topic that everyone can agree on, and it certainly shows in various forms of expression. The line between the truly religious and artists who use religion as artistic expression is evident, with the latter deemed controversial, inappropriate and offensive by many.

From a business point of view, controversy can be a method of success.

Many designers, photographers, artists use religious symbols in their work. So let’s explore the relationship between fashion and religion.

Fashion can’t be viewed without any controversial expression. Fashion have a huge impact on people. So is it right to regulate fashion by religion? Or is it good to use religion in fashion?

We see this all around. More often countries have particular rules for wearing and distributing religious fashion. Probably you can think about Muslim countries, but the truth is that Europe is also aware and the restrictions can be seen in France or Germany.

Legislations against wearing central types of religiously infected clothes are very strict but does it mean that our freedom is stopped by that? The regulations in law don’t exist just to make some limits, but also to avoid any conflicts…

How is the situation in multicultural cities? Like London, for example. I think London is more open for any expressions in fashion, but sometimes it’s even too much for me. Of course fashion is a kind of art and everyone can have a different opinion.

For many people religion seems to be all about limitations, traditions, boring restrictions and control. Maybe this is the reason why so many artists use the concept to show experiment, energy, creativity, controversy, nudity, freedom, the opportunity to self- expression.

Both religion and fashion are about individuality, choices, perspective.

Catwalk fashion wants to push boundaries, often using religion symbols. And mostly is it high-fashion not available for everyday style.

So should we care about what kind of symbols they use? Or should we keep fashion as a way to experiment, create unique proposition and show creativity?