Product that sell is a key

in any successful business!

I’m glad you stopped by to read this. Creating product that sell is a key to make a money in any kind of business. But many of us, entrepreneurs, are not sure what product will be right. We don’t want to waste our time for creating something that will not sell. We need money to keep us alive and to run/ grow business too. So what product will be right to make money?

The answer is pretty easy, we need to create product that solves some problems on our market. It seems obvious but how many times we trying to sell some sh*t which will never help or be usefull in any way? Ok. So if our product need to solve problems, we need to know what our target customer struggle with. The best way to do that is simply ASK!

Speak up!

How many times I told you that CONVERSATION is all you need in business. It's helping in some many ways and it's not that hard to do that!

There is one question in many forms ex. How can I serve you? What are you struggle with? How can I help you? How can I support you...

Show up!

You can ask this using internet or contact in person. Whatever you do, show up! Be visible for people who may answer. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you asking using facebook may sure that your profile is attractive and your link to the website easy to find.

If you asking in person, feel free to deeply research the needs. Ask questions, be interested in what other person is telling you. The conversation really works. Remember to build REAL connection, engage in the talk, share your honest thoughts. People will love it!

People are waiting for you!

Yes, you got me right. People are waiting for you. They looking for people to speak to, to have real conversation with. So don’t be afraid of creating connection. Communicate with people, share your real thoughts. Speak!

I know that we not use to do that. With all this technology, innovations, changes… it is so hard to build real connection, engage with other people. But it’s possible and absolutely worth it!

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