There’s so many tips and tricks. But the best way to learn is PRACTICE. Your mum told you to never speak to strangers? Well… Do opposite. Speak to the strengers. Talk with people. Build real connections. That way you will know what they want, need and desire to have. On the beginning it may be uncomfortable, but do it anyway. Master your selling.

Selling is a conversation that give other person opportunity. It’s their decision. How to make CONVERSATION effective? Ask better questions. We all have different beliefs, values and definitions. We see things differently. It’s necessary to know what people mean by saying things. Ask questions and listen. It’s not that hard, and not complicated.


When you know that something doesn't work in your conversation. Find the reason.

Learn more about selling and again practice what you learn. Not everything will work for you. But everything is worth trying.

Pitch Perfect.

Along the way you will learn how to improve your pitch. You need to practice it alone.

Before speaking to someone, get comfortable with your pitch. Know your business menu and prices.

Daily Action.

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Do you want to make money? Sure, you do. So define things that works for you in case of selling. And take action daily. Promote yourself. Know your business/ products inside and out. Understand your customer and speak! There’s no way around. You need to talk with people. Be authentic and confident.

Don’t discount, don’t sell yourself cheap. Know who your customer is – in details! Remember selling is a conversation. Don’t stress! Don’t try to please, don’t argue with customer. And enjoy the process! There’s no one else who could sell your product better than YOU!

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