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Money. It’s a very important topic for every human. Not only for us – entrepreneurs.

We need money to pay the bills, rent a flat, buy a food and then fulfill any other need. So how to change our money obsession into, planned income.

To do this we need to follow a few steps.

#1 What is your non-negotiable number this month?

Why is that your number? (Itโ€™s very important to assign every penny a purpose before you get it)

STEP #2: Determine what you need to sell and how many things need to be sold to hit that number this month.

1. How will you bring in that number this month?

2. Why people will buy it?

3. Why does this excite you? It have to excite you! Otherwise you will not achieve it!

STEP #3 Create a two-columned task list. GOAL VS ACTION

Remember action is the key!

STEP #4 Create a system to hold a space for your clients.

Create the customers base to say thank you, ask for review, to future contact and to know more about your customers (it’s great for targeting!). And also to know how many cutomers you serve.

#5 Declaration

I will sell 3 bags and 2 scarves this month/ week. I expect from myself constant work to achive that.

STEP #6 Get the momentum! Track and celebrate everything.

Think about three things.

1.How much did you earn?

2.What suprised you this week/ month?

3.What is the lesson? What did you learn? What are you grateful for?

And repeat this steps every single week/month.

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