Wherever you believe it or not, getting products in the hands of influencers is a game changer!

Influencer marketing? Why?


You will gain instant credibility, immediate recognition and also you will get the interest of the buyers, media and online customers. Isn’t what we’re all looking for?

I know. It sounds great! But if you are like 99% of people, you probably trying to overthinking this whole influencer marketing and find another excuse to not doing that.

I understand. And I will not tell you that you have to trust me.

You know… there is so many different types of marketing. And influencers marketing may not work for you. This kind of marketing have many advantages as well as disadvantages. I’m not gonna force you to do that. I just want to tell you that it exist, it’s possible and I will suggest how you can start doing it.

Sounds fair?

Does it relly work?


When the public sees a celebrity wearing or carrying your product, they’ll immediately think you’re a celebrity, too. And for a lng time I have been thinking that it will work only for crazy 16teen years old girls but It works for everyone!!!

It's tough to get your products into stores, any stores! It doesn't matter if the store is big or small, popular or not. It's tough!

You don’t have to be designer brand to do that.

You may think that nowadays to collaborate with influencers you have to have well- known, fancy product. The true is that you just need to master the way you pitching influencers. It's not easy to do that, but it's not impossible.

How it works?

Anytime a celebrity shows up with something no one’s seen before, it’s news. People will repost the social media post, magazines will write about it thousands times and you will get seen everywhere! Bigger star, bigger show time!

Give them a reason.

Have you ever been trying to be featured in a magazine? How does it work for you? It's not easy to convince the media to write about you but... when you play well with the influencers marketing, everything will change. The media will write about you automaticly and even after that it's so much easier to pitch media about your brand when you will say that you have been promoted by celebrities.

Influencers receiving PR boxes from everywhere they are pitched by thousands of brands. So you can be sure that this is a very competitive game.

But you don’t have to live in Hoolywood to do that. You don’t have to be a big brand.

All you have to do is to grab their attention.

What are the key points for a letter?

Seems obvious but you have to introduce yourself. Briefly tell them about the product and company. Give them a reason why your product metters to them.

Is it complicated? No, it’s not! Everyone can do it! So stop thinking about it and make it happen!

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