Money funny? sexy?

Money… Are you the one always complaining about money? Do you struggle with having enough? If so, don’t worry! There’s a millions people who have money worries and empty bank accounts. I’m here to support and help you by sharring my truth about money. Over the years I had really poor money mindset. I change that. You can shift it too. Wanna know my story? Buy my book!

  1. You are listening wrong people. People who didn’t achieve anything have always a lot to say! And the worst part: we listen and believe them!
  2. You are missing self-development. You finished the school and what? Education sounds odd but there’s the thing. The world is changing all the time and we need to learn to stay ahead. Don’t be a looser, grab some books. Read proper magazine. Watch some TEDx speeches on youtube. Do something!

4. You believe in luck and talents of other people. Don't compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you was yesterday. You are enough! And there's no such a thing like luck or talent.

Money is not a Big Bad Wolf with deep voice, big eyes and big mouth to eat you with!

3. Fear is stopping you. Fear of failure and fear of success. We love to make things worst than they truly are. We generalise many facts. We avoid positive informations, and we make negative informations even worst. We don't understand... or missunderstand success.

You have to face the problem and do everything to understand it better.

5. You need to reprogram your mindset. What are your money beliefs? Take piece of paper now and write: money is …, and again money is..., wealth is.... The worst thing with money is … Money management is.... My skills of making money are... Paying for the bills is... Me and money means...

6. You wasting time and waiting for freaking magic. Take the action, man! We wait, we are hoping that something will happen or someone will change everything for us. Nobody will seve you!

Take a deep breath now, because you may be shocked…

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You are… lazy! Humans are lazy. We like to avoid responsibility. We are impatient and everything seems to be too much work for us. But you know what? Everything is a freaking work! Breathing is a work. Your poop is a work! WORK is a price for everything! Dollars are sexy but be ready to pay the price for your success.

Happiness / Success is a pre-paid option! Do you know what I learn over the years? It takes the same effort to succeed as it’s taking to fail! So know it’s your time to decide. Are you ready to put some work into your success? Or maybe you prefer to stay where you are, complaining that everything is going wrong?

Start Your High Performance Now!

Don’t Look for Excuses! Get results! Make money!

Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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