Slow Down

We are bombarded by a million of information everyday. The world is constantly changing. The old methods of getting ahead stopped working and on the market, we see hundreds of new tactics. We are searching for information even though we are already overwhelmed. We want to know new changes, ideas, strategies. We want to know all the answers before starting anything. And this is the first step to hell.

Learning, researching is good, but it shouldn’t take over our life. Those tricks may work for a while, but after that everything will change again. Competing with the whole world using the same strategy won’t let you go ahead. You should dominate your market.

All you need is to know basic stuff about creating a strategy, the rest should be experimented. Everyday save 1 hour for thinking nothing more. Just sit down and think. The ideas will come. Choose what feels right and go for it. There’s no algorithm, rules, norms that should stop you from following your dreams.

The most successful people I know, told me that constant research and following others is the biggest mistake. We should follow intuition. Stop looking what other people do, what they say, how they behave.. Be you!

One step at the time, follow intuition

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Millions of information disrupt our life everyday. It cost us overwhelm, stress, huge pressure. So what to do to overcome that? Reconnect with yourself. Focus on what do you want. What is your destiny? What steps do you need to take to get there? What options do you have? Which one suits best your situation? What feels right? Don’t everything, don’t include judgment in it. You need actionable steps.

There’s always something new on the market, new things, new trick, new strategy… And we are still obsessively looking for more new things. I totally get it. I want to tell you that it’s better to master one thing at the time. Choose the option that matches your needs and focus on that. Less is more and believe me simplicity pays off! Follow intuition. I’m sure you know exactly what to do.

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