Why we are here?

Few days ago I created a post about problems in startups (You can read it HERE or watch it HERE). And in the post as well as the livestream I told you guys that I don’t think you have a problem with finding the idea. And I make a mistake! I get the messages telling me how wrong I am. Well… I’m sorry!

I didn’t know that so many people struggling with finding the ideas. I’m here now to tell you what you could possibly do to find the ideas and choose the right one. I hope it will help you a lot. There are three questions I want you to start with.

  1. What are some things you already pay to learn?
  2. What could you pay to learn if you could afford it?
  3. What do you wish existed?

Idea Mapping

Get the ideas OUT

- do it even if you already have biz idea,
- take pen and paper,
- schedule 30 minutes today and 30 minutes tomorrow,
- write down: valuable knowledge you already have, skills you develop, challenges you overcome...

20 ideas is minimum

Think about what other people struggle with, what your friends complain about, what your friends compliment you on, what would your friends introduce you as, what would you do with 3 extra hours per week...

Silence is a key.

Go with the flow

Don't judge your ideas. There is no time to overthinking! No idea is a bad idea!

Remember that something easy to you it's not easy to others.

Don’t make this mistake!

What is the classic story? People implement the ideas without the research. They feel that the idea is just great and that this is enough to make it a successful business. WRONG!

They will start implementing without getting any results. And what’s happen if we don’t have results? Well.. We are frustraited and angry. We give up!

I don’t want you to waste your time for a bad ideas that will never pay! So I would advise to go out to speak with people and do the research. Don’t be afraid to show up and speak up! Calculate the market demand.

If you have a few ideas and you are wonder which one to implement first… btw if you have more ideas don’t implement them all in the same time… think about how big is the target audience, how big is the market you want to go into, how easily you can promote it.

Start Your High Performance Now!

Don’t Look for Excuses!

Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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