Sales is a conversation which open up

a possibility for the other person to take

inspired action and achieve greatness.

Salespeople are afraid of being seen as pushy, greedy, or otherwise unlikeable. It’s really not necessary to be aggressive in order to close someone. The close can follow naturally and will seem like the next logical step. All you have to do is to prepare yourself. Make your offer super interesting and be prepare to respond to objections. Fear of selling is a very popular struggle. You need to see selling in a different way…

I know that it’s not easy. But I’m here to help you! I was struggle with sales too. I felt like I don’t have skills for that and I assume that potencial client will say no (before even starting the conversation!). Many times I had great talk but I coudn’t close. I was afraid to ask for money. How did I change it? I was practicing sale over and over again. I educate myself in this field. I started dealing with my limited beliefs around sales and I practice it all the time.

I serve, I deserve.

That's my favourite affirmation. I serve, I deserve - isn't simple? I'm not a freaking Mother Teresa. I can't give everything for free. I have a bills to pay too.

I can't think about how to please others. I need to take care of myself first, right. I know it seems to be so selfish. But I can't help others if I don't help myself. How can I teach how to build successful business if my is not?!

Be responsible about your success!

Sales is No.1 focus in any kind of business. No matter if you offer a product or service. You need to sell to make money. And you need money for... everything!

Do you wanna tell me some shit about "Money Can't Buy Happiness"?! Save your voice! I don't believe in that. Such a bullshit!

Wealth is the ability to truly experience life. Fear of selling is just an excuse!

Yes, I want to receive corenspondence from Patrycja Franczak

We need money to cover our life expenses, all the needs and desires. I’ve been talking about money a lot lately. I even wrote a book! Now I’m thinking about online course to teach how to sell (in practice!). I know there’s so many books, guides and artickles about it but I want to SHOW you how to sell. I’m done with speaking over and over again about the steps you should do to sell. It’s time to make it done!

If this sounds good to you, it’s time to sign up to my e-mail list. You can do that just abouve this text. Insert your e-mail address and… that’s all! Isn’t it simple? I will send you an e-mail when the course will be ready. It will be all about selling IN PRACTICE. Millions of examples: how to handle objections, how to start, how to finish and even what to do after! I will show you my templates, scripts and forms. A lot of content and constant action! Are you ready??

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