Fashion startup real problems or sweet excuses?

Inspired by my customers and my own business story I created a livestrem on my Facebook group “Fashion Achievers” (feel free to join HERE).

Many times I’m a witness of finding excuses just to play safe, don’t take a risk. People who are doing that call it problem, struggle, impossible. Such a big bullsh*t!!!

I know that fear, obstracles, lack of motivation is stopping us. But it’s not a reson to give up! Success will never come easily but this is the life! Not easy, but still exciting!

Do you do what you want or you compliting someone’s else vision?

Your win never depends on environment. Country, gender, degree, IQ, profession- it all doesn't matter!

Success is a journey towards goals, not the goal.


I don't think that there's a problem with idea. Maybe more about developing the idea into something special, unique that will attract people.


The most popular problem. We were programmed to be the ones afraid of money. And many of us still doesn't really know what it is. But if I can be complitly honest with you: Money is the smallest problem. We have loans, investors, crowdfunding etc. And you can start with nothing!


People get amazing ideas but they struggle with execution. They don't know what to do and how to do it.


People want to sell, but don't want to be visible. They don't understand that there will be no sale if they will keep hiding. Show up!

Mahatma Gandhi — “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Doing is the most important thing. Taking action, no matter what, is the key. There is no talent or luck. You need to keep going, be excited, grow. Progress is our natural desire. We are lazy, we are getting too comfortable very quickly. But we need push forward to be happy. Ask yourself: How badly do you want it? Decide and start your fashion startup now!

Be open for the world and people. Learn, read books, break the patterns, stay creative and travel. You can have everything you dream about. Yes! You can have it all! Don’t be afraid to be you, to show up, to sell. You can have best product in the world but it means nothing if you are not visible. So be proud of who you are and what you do, share it with the world. Challenge your excuses and create best fashion startup the world ever seen!

Start Your High Performance Now!

Don’t Look for Excuses!

Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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