Fashion Leadership And Different Ways of Thinking

Are you doing things that matters or you just keep yourself busy with to do list? When you forcing yourself to do EVERYTHING, and do this quick… you are not effective and not happy at all. I would say: busyness is laziness. We make plan of the plan and another plan but actually we don’t do nothing that metters.

Fashion leaders are people who are influencial in fashion industry. And I’m not talking only about leadership expressed by creative outfits. Fashion industry is not only about style and trends.

When we search for the term ‘fashion leadership’ we can find information about opinion leadership, fashion innovators, innovative communicators and fashion followers. All about making customers happy, giving the best experience, market research, trend forecasting and growing industry profits. How about social values and business leadership that goes beyond profit.

I want to focus on the bigger picture. When I’m speaking about fashion leadership, I’m thinking about high- achieving people in the industry: pioneers, influencers, people who give the voice to change across different parts of the supply chain. Those people have big power and the ability to communicate bigger values, deep messages, drive forward and encourage others to follow the lead. They create innovations, they are authority for current and next generations. Many of them even don’t recognise how big an impact they have on the future of the fashion industry. They may not even perceive themselves as a fashion leader.

I believe that everyone can become a fashion leader. YOU can learn leadership skills too. Let me explain you what leadership is.

Leadership is not about trying NOT to loose, it’s about winning. It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are. Winners act like winners before they even start winning!

Sometimes we lived in the past or in the future- wishing and dreaming. But all we really have is PRESENT moment. All those dreams and desires won’t exist in the future, they exist here, right NOW! I want you to go into your future self to experience that your future self is not where you going TO but where you coming FROM.

Fashion leadership starts with YOU!

Who are you in your head right now?

You really need to understand yourself. Define the things you want. Embrace your imperfections.

Leadership is about consistent effort. You can’t be a leader from time to time. You have to live and breath with that. Also, you need to measure your progress. Where performance is measured, performance improves, there’s no way around. Sometimes we need to face the ugly truth because this is the only way to grow.

How do you determine if you’re failing or succeeding? What key metrics would you measure?

To be a true leader you need a TEAM. You can’t be a leader without other people. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mission, vision, the ideas. You can inspire thousands of people, you can impact millions! Leadership is a huge responsibility.

Leadership is about going beyond obstacles. Leadership is creating the unknown.


How Am I Supporting Fashion Leadership?

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I’m not sure if you know who I am and what I do. I’m leading authority on fashion forward leadership. I help fashion professionals create the change in the world, become fearless leader, lead powerfully current and new generations, make fashion history. At the same time I’m helping them achieve peace with their private lives.

You see… having this big mission and impossible goals is overwhelming. People quickly burn out, give up on their ideas. They have this big desire, passion for fashion but they are challenged everyday by different circumstances. I’m helping them deal with the pressure, overcome fears and obstacles, find hidden power and confidence.

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