Let’s talk about fashion.

Video cocktail from different locations, all about different perceptions of fashion?

Online Fashion Talk Show

Many people see fashion as a fancy clothes and nothing more… I want to show deeper meaning of fashion!

Did you ever hear definition of fashion as a language? Have you been thinking about the impact of neurotic symptoms on fashion? Maybe physical disabilities in fashion? What is the role of libido in perception of fashion? What is the purpose of fashion photography if fashion is not one of them? What is the role of sexual desire in fashion? You see… fashion is much more than clothes!

People associate fashion with trends, business of products, branding. That’s really shallow understanding. It’s time to have a serious talk! We want to show the authentic image of fashion industry with all the imperfections. No sugar needed!

We want to maintain live interaction with audience of the show. We will answer their questions, listen their suggestions and attract more of them by giveaways, competitions and live events!

We connect fun with serious talk.

Are you wonder what will be the format of the show? It will be video cocktail, something in beetween travel vlog, reality show and talk show!

We will discuss fashion trends, global news, digital fashion, business of fashion and much more. Everything on a deep level! You have the opportunity to discover new definition of fashion with us! We are actively looking for ambassadors of the show, as well as guests!

No you don't need to be famous to join. We are looking for people who want to share their thoughts. It's not about being right or wrong. It's about perspective!


Digital world is giving us so many opportunieties! We can't just miss that! That's why I'm creating online show in a very unique and attractive way. The show will be only partly planned. I want to create spontaneous, real content that will be interesting and valuable too.

I have the ideas, I have the passion and determination to make it work! Not everyone here know me well. I'm achiever! I'm taking the freaking action every single day! I'm very intense in everything I do.

I want to create the change in the world. I'm fighting alone now but I believe that there is more ambitious fashion junkies. And as long as we will stick together we can create the better future.

The show is about VALUE and ENTERTAINMENT! There is no time for bullsh*t! It's about authenticity, education and a change!

I want to create greatness NOW!

Can you help me, please?

All I need is your help! Yes, I’m asking for help and no, I’m no ashame of that. I know that to succeed we all need to have a support. No one can do it alone, right? Are you wonder how you can help? Well… there is so many ways! Any help caunts! I’m in need of motivated people who are ready to spread the message about Fashion Cocktails TV.  I’m open to cooperation with brands too. Contact me for details. I’m happy to speak about opportunities we have.

On the show I will speak with customers, people who work in the industry, people who own fashion businesses and experts. I will speak about resources such as books, magazines, portals where people will be able to search for more informations. I will introduce brands, products and responsible fashion solutions. Everything delivered in the cocktail of video content from different locations. Possibilities are endless! If you see there place for you, your brand, your honest thoughts… contact me!

Questions, suggestions.. any thoughts?

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate you!

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