Do you know,

where are you going?

Do you have a business plan? Yyy… No?! So you running with no destination? You just trying run away from the current situation? You want to have a better life but you didn’t define what “better life” means? Your goal is to make more money? I will give you 1 penny- it’s more money, right? You running… You get tired and frustrated on the way. So you quickly stop, give up. 

What is the solution then? You need to be crystal clear on your destination. Business Plan seems to be a little odd or scary. But I’m here to help you! Together we can get clear on your vision and create easy to follow plan which will transform your business and life! Does it sounds good? Are you Ms Goody-two-shoes, you want to do this yourself?

Are you a total newbie in business?

I don't know if you just starting out or you are in business for a while but I'm sur that business model canvas works for everyone.

It's not a typical business plan. But it is a great tool to overlook and plan your business. It's just 1-page business plan!

1-page? Does it really work?

It's not a business plan for your bank or investor. But it's a plan for you. It's a easy to follow structure that will define your resources, channels, customer segments, cost and revenue structure.

These are the great points to start with. Of course you have to be specific in defining these sections. If you feel that creating this model is overwhelming and you are not really sure where to start. Remember I'm here!

How to do this right?

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The whole model looks pretty simple. But I found that many people doing it wrong. They don’t think too much. They put single words into the columns and expect that this method will work. If you are really serious about your business, you need to get very clear and specific on every aspect of your business. Just to make the section “customer segments”, you will need to answer at least 50 questions! There are some “experts” out there that will tell you that you can fill up this Canvas model in 10 minutes.

Sure! But quality of your plan will be reall poor and will not be helpful at all. Strategy plan is something you need to work on all the time. Especially on the very beginning of your business. I develop my business plan model, my own technique of putting a business plan together. It always works! Want to create your business model on a professional level? Want to get clear on your vision? Contact me.

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