Patrycja Franczak

Are you wonder who am I? Do you care about how I named my position? I would call myself fashion business expert if I have to. But does it really matter? You are here because you are wonder if I’m able to help you, right? So without fancy job title I will go streight to the results I’m creating.

I’m giving people opportunity to understand who they are and show them a new perspective on business and life. To be honest, I‘m mainly selling my point of view. I lead powerful conversations to show people what they cannot see. I always say what no one would dare to tell them. I’m bold and I own my opinions. I speak my truth. I’m not a people pleaser. I’m not here to be best frined. I’m fearless in serving my people. I know that my work etiquette is not comfortable. But is life comfortable at all?

I filter people who work with me because I believe that  limitation brings value. I sell experience not some fancy concept. I believe that needy is creepy, so I don’t pitch my tribe. I’m very clear on who I work with and what I require from my clients. I will not serve you, only because you asked. I will agree only if you are the right fit for me.

I mess with people’s thinking. I challenge all kinds of excuses. I deliver results. Did you hear about “success mindset”? People are saying that when you fix your mindset success will come to you, just like that. How about motivation? When you motivate yourself, you will get results? You don’t lack motivation. Go over that bullshit! Nothing will come from the sky to save you. All you need is a clear vision, direction. I know that 99% of “experts” wouldn’t agree with me. And why YOU should believe me?? The thing is that you don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to trust me. You don’t have to like me. Please, don’t impulse buy me. Make up your own mind and come back when you are ready.

I know what I’m doing and I’m damn good!

Who I work with?

I work with people who have great visions and feel that there’s more for them to be, give and create. I work with people who have burning desire to turns their vision into reality. I work with people who are high achievers. They want to leave the average behind them. I work with people who treat their business seriously. They know that applying themselves to discover, invent, create, and/or solve something that will make a difference in the world is the legacy they want to create. They want to create the future of fashion industry.

I work with people who are passionate. They devote themselves to the things that matter to them. I work with people who take risks, get uncomfortable because they understand that this is the way to get what they want. They’ve a stories of brilliant successes and spectacular failures. They know that fear is a good sign and that a deep desire is just next to it. I work with people who take action like it’s second nature. They are hungry of success and tired of playing small. They want to live incredible life. I work with extraordinary people who inspire me.

You are in the right place if…

You are ready to fight!

I want to spend my time with a people who want to be the champions, ok? If you wanna succeed you gonna pay the price. If you wanna fail you gonna pay the price too. This is what I learned over the years. It’s not taking any more effort to succeed as it takes to fail. I don’t work with those who:

  • Only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change,
  • Are afraid to make mistakes and fail,
  • Complain and blame others,
  • Aren’t ready to show up to each session and fully engage,
  • Aren’t ready to work harder than me at their life.

I take on very few clients at a time, and all my high performance programs are by invitation only. If you are ready to go deep and explore what working together can be like, contact me.

It is unlikely you have found your way here and you reading my whole page by accident, so I wonder what question you have in mind, what change you might want to make? Here at I support people on a journey to extraordinary outcomes. We start with a simple question, what will make our work together extraordinary for you?









The progress is a deep human desire. We all love the feeling of achievements and accomplishments in our lives and businesses. Sometimes our goals seem to be impossible, but it’s never true. I’m a high performer myself and I know that it’s not taking any more effort to succeed as it takes to fail. Failing is painful, so why don’t we stick with winning?


We want to bring the joy to our lives. But we can’t wait for happiness to come, we create it. I’m killing any form of dissatisfaction in life/business. I chose to bring the positive energy wherever I go. I believe that the life is created to fully enjoy it. Nothing is hard or complicated!


High and sustainable level of engagement. It’s about engaging in a business, but also in different aspects of life. It’s about the high level of presence, contribution, focus. We all want to experience more. We want to be mindful, aware of everything around us. I have always your best interest in mind.


We live in the era of new technologies. People are busy catching all kinds of information. They keep scrolling their lives on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. But I truly appreciate other people. I want to build genuine connections, human-to-human.


I have the confidence to achieve the goals despite obstacles. I have the knowledge, experience and skills. 25 years of life experience, 9 years in the fashion industry, 4 years in business and still counting. I’m confident to face challenges and opportunities. I don’t have a big ego about it. Confidence is helping me lead powerfully and being independent in sharing my thoughts.


I stopped filling the time, procrastinating, waiting, pondering, putting off! Putting off the real message that would make the whole difference in the world. I was playing safe for way too long. It’s time to speak my truth and own my opinions, no matter what! I’m sharing the good, bad, crazy, ugly random and I really enjoy it!

Teresa Cruz

“My fashion career is on a completely different level! After one month of working with her I changed my job. I get a better position and money that I never dream of. The impossible is possible!”

Carolyn Maxwell

“I was reading so many articles “how to start”, everywhere was written that I need a team. I'm not really good at teamwork and I didn't have money to hire so I was afraid to start doing anything. Patri showed me how to monetize my idea and design systems in my business without worrying about the team. “Start with what you have”- she said. ”

Jenni Anderson

“Honestly: my first though was: is she insane wanting this money?! But priceless is her genuine interest, authentic conversation, expertise and knowledge. I felt like I know her forever and I get the results instantly!!!”

Lisa Taylor

“I felt offended when I first talk with her. I was thinking “Who she think she is?!” and then something switched. The truth may be painful. The direct language may be uncomfortable. But this gets me to the breakthrough. This really changed my life! ”

Lucy Green

“No more silence and pretending that it's ok where it is not. She showed me different world. During the golden ticket session I was laughing, crying, screaming... it was a roller coaster of different emotions and great experience. I felt like she really gets me. Sometimes harsh, sometimes funny... so worth it!! ”

Katie Alison

“I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else know such detailed things about my problem. You are amazing!”

Laura Paul

“I was visiting her website all the time, reading everything over and over again. I kept thinking, analysing the pros and cons of working with her. It feels like ages before I finally decided to contact her. Mind blowing! Big enthusiasm and professionalism at the same time. She really reads me there was no way to hide anything but playing full out was even better. #catharsis”

You keep reading, it means it’s a time to tell you my rules:

1. I will not give you what you want. I will give you what you never dream of.
2. I need your honesty. I want you to speak your mind. Always share with me what is that you want, what you feel. There’s no should/ could – behave, say, do.
3. You need to open your mind. I’m going to tell you what I see. I don’t care what you will think about me. You can hate me. I’m not here to be your friend.
4. We will go deep, it may be really uncomfortable for you but it’s necessary.
5. You need to play full out. You will tell me everything what you don’t want me to know about.
6. I’m very direct. I may say things that no one would dare to say. I will hide absolutely nothing.
7. You have to have integrity in what you say, you actually do. You have to be ready to also put the time and extra work into it.
8. You will practice whatever we will discuss in our session. You will do everything what necessary to not screw this up. You have to be willing to go to the edge. You will need to lean into your fears.
9. I expect the payment only when you are ready to fully commit. If I will not receive that money, our discussion/work is complete. No hard feelings. No pitching. Call me when you’re ready.
10. Our sessions are confidential.

What will make our work together extraordinary for you?

I'm not a robot

It is unlikely you have found your way here and you reading my whole page by accident, so I wonder what question you have in mind, what change you might want to make? Here at I support people on a journey to extraordinary outcomes. We start with a simple question, what will make our work together extraordinary for you?

Do you need thousands reasons to trust me? I’m not going to defend myself. I know I’m worthy and you will do what you want anyway.