Patrycja Franczak

I’m fashion business expert. I’m offering fashion management services, business audits, mentorship, research and analysis. Everything what I do is connected with fashion from being fashion biz owner through managing director in different businesses and creative director in others. Often hire as interim manager, I am breathing and living fashion.

I believe that everyone needs support. Whatever it is a president or homeless person around the corner. I need support and you need support too. But it’s not a freaking magic, nothing will happen overnight. Nobody will jump from the sky to save you. You need to do it on your own and pay the price of it. I believe that success is a pre-paid option. So let me ask you:

Do you wanna help yourself?

If no, tell me.

Seriously tell me! If you are satisfied, tell me I’m done. I don’t need any more. I’m all good. I’m fine with just paying the bills. I’m fine with letting my family down. I’m fine with not having any savings. I’m good with living from one paycheck to another. I don’t want to secure my future. I don’t want to live my dream life. Just tell me… Actually tell yourself that you are fine with all of that and don’t waste another second for reading.

Think twice because…

I’m not a typical coach. I’m not a coach. I’m offering my point of view, experience and knowledge. I have huge expertise in fashion industry. I’m very direct, sometimes provocative person. With me there’s nothing about being polite or fit in any norms. If I play, I play to win. I don’t speak the truth. I speak my truth. I don’t hold myself back. I follow my vision and I want others to follow theirs. Life is too short for miserable existence. We can’t be afraid to live, right?

I want to spend my time with people who wanna be the champions, ok? If you wanna succeed you gonna pay the price. If you want to fail you will pay the price too. This is what I learned over the years. It’s not taking any more effort to succeed as it takes to fail. Failing is painful. Getting up is a freaking work. But you know what? Everything is a work! Breathing is a work and poop is a work too. So you have to be ready to pay that price. And you have to take care of yourself before anybody else.

I want to look back and be proud of what I did and who I become. I want to inspire and help other people to create and follow their visions, find their purpose and live their dreams. I believe that we all can get what we want from life and businesses without selling our soul. I want to look back and be proud of what we did together. I want your kids to go to the best schools. I want you to have super car instead of economical one. I want you to have a dream house that will open the doors for you and switch on the lights automatically.

You should know that I take on very few clients at a time, and all my high performance programs are by invitation only. If you are ready to go deep and explore what working together can be like, contact me.

Do you wanna work with me?

It is unlikely you have found your way here and you reading my whole page by accident, so I wonder what question you have in mind, what change you might want to make? Here at I support people on a journey to extraordinary outcomes. We start with a simple question, what will make our work together extraordinary for you?