Blind love…

“My customer is me” this is the common mistake in fashion brands. Don’t assume that you have great idea. You think that you need this product so everybody else will? You need to do the research. And I don’t mean to ask your best friend or your mum if they like the idea. Go outside your comfort zone. Ask the strangers. You are not your customer. And your customers don’t think like you!

Sometimes we are in such a big love with our product that we can even think that there will be someone who’s not. Did you here that love makes you blind. It’s working in that case too. Even when we say that we don’t care about other people’s opinions. We do care! At least on the very begining of our business. We need to make the freaking money first, right?

It's easy to fall in love with idea.

It's more difficult to sell it. I'm sure that you already know that selling is a focus no.1 in every business. You don't want to be aggresive with selling but you have to sell, right? We have expenses to cover!

The money will not come from the sky. You need to find your prospects and sell to them effectively. Research is neccessary to do that. Wonder how to do this right? I can help you! 1:1 session could save you some time and give what's the most important practice knowledge.

Easy sell?!

When you are on the early stage of your business, you have to make sure that you can make money on your product easily. Easy sell?! It's that even possible? Yep! But there are some rules to follow!

You can't expect everything to just happen. You need to put some work into it. And it takes time to see any results. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Rules to follow ?

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Rules.. it sounds bad but there is no way around. Our focus: money! So let’s say you got the idea. Think about production process. Is it complicated? What resources do you need to produce your product? Think about your target market. Is it easy to influence it? How long will this take? What channels should you use to make process more effective? Speak up. Go to the people. Speak about your idea. Keep your open mind. Not everyone will love it. Make sure that you know why they don’t.

Ask strangers. Hearing yes from your lovely mom will be not valuable for business. You need to speak business. Think about money. I know… You thought about your own business, on your own terms. You are so happy with the creative stuff but business is serious job! Move your ass, do it now! When you secure cashflow you can do creative stuff, ok? Need help with the research, contact me!

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