It’s unbelievable how naive people are…

There’s a big BOOM on entrepreneurship. It’s so fancy… Everyone wants to have a business. They thing that results will come so quickly and are gonna be bigger than ever.

People are excited about being entrepreneur. They see so many youtube videos how cool the life looks like if you are your own boss. They see designers clothes, super cars, big houses…

Let me tell you: not everyone who has a picture with fancy car, own it. Nowadays we can rent everything! We even can make a picture with a car parked on the street.

All the entrepreneurs (real or not) speaking about how beautiful the life is as an entrepreneur. But the truth is that is a constant challenge. It’s hard work and struggle, especially on the very beginning!

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I feel the mission to create daily content which will tell the truth about being entrepreneur.

I'm sick of hearing people saying that entrepreneurship is a scam. They experience some trubble and give up because of the wrong image in their minds. Entrepreneurship can be fun, can be cool!

Everything good takes time.

I'm building the brand NOTACOACH for a year and I'm still straggle. Do I believe that it's gonna be better? Yes! But it's not gonna happen overnight and there will be alweys some kind of challenge whatever is the age of my business.

It takes years, decades to build a solid and successful business. Success overnight is something really rare!

Entrepreneurship CAN be cool!

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But for everyone words “cool”, “fun” or “fancy” may have completely different meaning! For me it’s a constant challenge, an experiment that makes me excited and hungry for more. I absolutely love this emotional rollercoaster! Sometimes it’s hard to wear so many different hats as CEO. You will never be amazing in doing everything. But on the very beginning of your business it will be neccessary to do a little bit of everything.

You are a sales person, project manager, HR,  secreatary, many times accountant and PR manager too. It may be overwhelming and stressful. I always advice to hire people as soon as possible but I know that you need to have customers first. And hiring people doesn’t mean full-time employees. You can start with interns, students, freelancers, part-timers and so on. But don’t worry about all these hats and hiring people when you just starting out. No.1 focus is SALES!

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