Big Challenge Ahead!

We are facing big essentials challenge. The world is changing all the time. There’s always something new on the market. We are overwhelmed and we can’t really decide what is essential for us. Less is more. Filter out the information. Don’t miss the things that really matter. I will not give you the list of the tools that are essential because I believe that we need to create our own lists.

What is essential for me may not be useful for you. The strategy that works in my biz may not work in others. I’m sure that you have all the answers inside you. You can start where you are with what you already have. Even if you don’t have full clarity now. When you start all the answers will come to you. Don’t try to make things perfect, start now!

Don't look for new, shinny ideas/ strategies. Don't try to implement "top 10 ways to succeed". You wasting your time. I believe you have absolutely everything to succeed right now!

2018 is my special year. I want to be visible in the industry like never before. I want to create community of powerful fashion leaders. I'm planning to publish a book about (of course) fashion forward leadership and I want to organize the masterminds tour for next year (2019). Anyone who wants to be a part of it is welcome. Feel free to contact me. I would really appreciate any kind of support. Share my mission with others. Together we can make a bigger impact and truly change the world.

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