Busy-ness is Laziness!

Are you doing things that matters or you just keep yourself busy with to do list? When you forcing yourself to do EVERYTHING, and do this quick… you are not effective and not happy at all. I would say: busyness is laziness. We make plan of the plan and another plan but actually we don’t do nothing that metters.

We all should have a life on our own terms. What I would advice you is to think how your dream life would look like. How much time would you spend for work, how much with your kids, how much with yourself? And act as that person now. Don’t wait for your dream life to come, create it now. In case of business, focus on things that makes you money.

Wise choices.

Focus No.1 in every business is selling, so make sure the tasks related with that are done first. Sometimes we just can't do everything.

Make wise choices, choose what matters to you, choose what gives you results. Do things that excite you. Put yourself first!

Thinking about myself?!

No it's not selfish... how you can help others, when you can't help yourself. Slow down a little bit. There's nothing wrong with you! Love yourself!

It was my struggle too. I was asking myself: what's wrong with me? How can I do it all? Now I'm working with people who have this problem.

How can I do it all?

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The truth is: you can’t do it ALL. You have to make a choices. Make sure that you acting, not re-acting. You are the one to lead and create your life. You can’t react on the things that life gives you. You are the one responsible for your life. So live your life. Don’t listen people about how your life should look like.

Don’t try to fit into any “norms”. Don’t try to please everyone. It’s your life. Do what you wanna do, do what matters to YOU. Be bold, create and follow your vision. Do what you always wanted to do. Spend time with your family.Take extra time off. Don’t let your business dictated your life. You are the leader!

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Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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