You can turn your words into cash using the magic of copywriting, but you have to do it right.


Entrepreneurs become aware of the power of content marketing. They are more likely to do the copywriting themselves instead of hiring someone. They want to build better connections with their audience. Unfortunately, they still don’t understand the main rules of copywriting.


What are the common copywriting mistakes?

# tell not sell – they don’t share any value, they just speak over and over again about their offerings. They will repeat the price thousand times, but they will miss the part about the benefits.

# boring – they write the same information all the time. Nothing unique, just what everybody else is saying. Appeal to the reader’s emotions, not just logic. Add storytelling. Put the picture in people’s mind. Add colors, feelings, emotions. Don’t follow others. Stop writing a textbook. Share only the things you experienced.

# confiusing – they are trying to write about something they don’t know or they write it in a messy way. There’s so many those people! Break long sentences. Systematize the content you sharing. Read it yourself – twice.

# not targeted – they create content about something that is “trendy” on Google, but they forgot who their customer is. Huge mistake! You need to communicate exactly to your targeted audience. It may not get you on the first position in google but it will be valuable and irresistible to your people. Use specific statements, write for your audience.

# ‘me’ oriented – people love to write about themselves and their services, but they keep forgetting that on the other side is human who want to know if you are able to help. Write in active voice, instead “ I will send you” -> “you will receive”. Just small changes, but makes a huge difference.

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