What if someone will steal your ideas? Copy you?

It’s the biggest complimet ever! When I named myself on the website Fashion Biz Weirdo. I can see there is more and more social media profiles named that way. People love to copy others they believe that it will give them success. But you know what? I always will be the first one who use it. This name will be always alightable with me. Because I’m acting as me.

For others it will be just fancy name/ another mask, not really right with who they are, so this will never give them success. Aren’t you tired of “what if”. Who cares?! Shit happens! World is not fair! It’s not a fear that stopping you. It’s YOU! Yes, you got me right! You are stopping yourself. You need to take your shit together and constantly pushing yourself outside the comfort zone. Stop complaining!

Don't be a pussy!

You are one of a kind. Do you need more? You are enough. You have enough knowledge, you have the right skills.

So start doing things. Do what scares you! It's ok to be scared. But you shoudn't be afraid to live, right?

Act as you mean it!

It's one thing to say I want MORE! More money, more clients, more happiness.. ? It's another thing to actually have all of that.

It doesn't mean that you can't have it! Of course you CAN!
But it will not happen overnight and by some kind of magic. You need to take the freaking action.

You need to WORK towards your goals.

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Yep. There’s no magic. Nobody will jump from the sky to save you. You don’t have it all because you didn’t do enough to have it! I know. Work, work… You have enough work already. You don’t need more? right? And I don’t want to give you more to do. But you need to understand that WORK is a price of everything.

And if you will create clear vision and good plan to follow. You will be just fine! No stress, overwhelm or frustration! And you will finally get what you want! Great, huh? So why you wasting another minute to read all of this!

P.S. If someone copy ideas that are yours, don’t freak out but also pay attention to them. Don’t let other people steal from you!

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