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Don’t be afraid to tell us about your project’s timeline and budget. We are straightforward with our abilities and pricing, and knowing where you’re coming from helps us hit the target.


Want to work with us?

  • Are you a student who want to start your own business?
  • Are you already a fashion entrepreneur?
  • Are you wonder how to success in fashion business?
We have our own, sometimes very uncomfortable way of transforming fashion businesses. We focus on doing and changing NOW! We don’t care that changes are hard to you. We will challenge you in many aspects. We will push you to do and say the things you would never do or share. We will go deeply inside your brain, your habits, business strategy. We will take inside out to help you create a fashion business of your dreams. We’re sure you want to see the results. So instead of waiting and wishing do something with your life and contact us by start@notacoach.com. But if you prefer finding another excuses… DO NOT CONTACT US! Keep the complains and all the negativity to yourself!

Want to work for us?

We’re currently in look of a few new team members  – If you’re a passionate about fashion business and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to jobs@notacoach.com

You are still not sure if the #notacoach is right for you?

Let’s think… Tomorrow morning you can wake up with smile on the face, excited about getting to work. You can plan holidays and extra weekend with friends. You can create your own freedom. You can create life you love. Imagine your successful life! You deserve for it!
We know the problems on the market. We are team of entrepreneurs. We have been fail many times. But this is always the best lesson for real entrepreneur.
So what if the experienced entrepreneurs wants to share the knowledge  and DO the job with you. Would you say no?
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