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Who I am? Leading authority on fashion-forward leadership.

What do I do? I support people on a big mission of creating fashion future. I help ambitious fashion professionals reach ‘impossible’ by unconventional conversations. I help them achieve more, dominate the market, create financial confidence and live their best life now.

Why I do it that way? People need their own personal support and disruptive, unconventional methods to really transform, create long-lasting change.

People are full of shit! They get too comfortable. They are their own biggest enemies. They stop themselves, hiding, pretending. They need someone who will put some truth in their face. They need someone who will shake their world and show a new perspective.

Who I do it for? Current and next generations of fashion leaders who will make meaningful fashion history, create the future.

Why people should care? My sessions are designed not only to add value to people’s lives but to transform it. I want my clients to have total clarity as to what they want in life, be unstoppable and confident, become an incredible leader, and operate at the highest level of performance possible. I work differently with everybody simply because there are no two the same people in the world. I don’t have a template for the conversations and I’m using my own unconventional, sometimes provocative methods. Please don’t contact me if you are easily offended by ideas or language.

What you can expect? I don’t do whatever, whenever because someone asks me to. With me, there’s nothing about being polite and fit into any ‘norms’. I’m direct, bold, unconventional in my methods. I speak from experience, not a textbook. I play to win. I deliver results! I’m offering only one thing, one service which equals my full effort, amazing results and equal chances for all of my clients.