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Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog, Newsletter… You going crazy doing these things but nothing seems to give you any results? You asking yourself: What’s wrong? You think that when you will use paid advertaising the world will change? No. It will not.

It’s very important to deliver RIGHT message to RIGHT people, in RIGHT way. Ok… hold on a sec! Right, right, right… so what is this “right” really mean? What is the right way? Who are the right people? What message will work? And the truth is I can’t answer that. It’s a matter of your own research.


Who is your audience? Be specific about who you wanna work with. Because this are your RIGHT people.

What social media platform they use? What blogs they read? Why you should answer that? This will show you RIGHT way.

Message & Image

What kind of content they prefer? (video, long/ short post, podcast) What they struggle with? What they want to know more about?

How you want to be seen? What are your values? What you stand for?

There is no one good way to do things!

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You need to understand your audience. Don’t assume that you know what they want/ like. ASK them. ENGAGE with them. Build REAL connection. Be consistent in your actions. Everyday do the things that matter, things that make you money. Remember busyness is lazyness. Measure your numbers. Not only money. Predict the grow of followings, likes, comments… whatever is important to you.

Plan in advance. Do you have commiunication strategy? Plan to go? Are you showing up and speaking up DAILY. Schedule your actions. But it’s not only about planning stuff, you need to actually DO IT. Execute your ideas, you never know what will take off. Experiment, don’t be afraid to try new things. Always ask yourself: What’s working? What’s not working? And choose wisely next steps.

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