Lern From The Expert Not Another Freebie

Apply For A Free Powerful Call


Please only apply for a call if:

  • there’s a logical purpose for having this call,
  • you see some synergy between us,
  • you treat this application seriously,
  • you are willing to do whatever it takes,
  • you are ready to invest on the call/ immediately if approved.

If you agree, please continue reading and answer the questions below. If you don’t agree, I understand. I know that I’m not for everyone. Wish you best of luck!

I’m a powerful leader. For this reason, I never work for free. I’m willing to make an exception for simple but powerful conversation. It’s not a session to pitch you, to convince you to buy anything from me. It’s a deep, intensive, up to 90 minutes session, no charge, no strings attached. I will show you my magic. It will be a taste of how work with me look like. I want to fully serve you, answer your questions and give you a new perspective. 

I’d love to ask you a few questions. Be open, be honest, and be real with your responses. This information will help me prepare for the talk and determine if we are a right fit for each other.

If you application will be aproved, you will get the link to my calendar and short guidance about how to prepare yourself to our talk to make the most of it.

* No matter if you pass the application or not, you will receive my response through email within 5 working days.

Yes, I want to receive corenspondence from Patrycja Franczak. Read more info about how I use your info in Terms & Conditions