Bullshit – Sweet Excuses…

People are feeling offended by the way I commiunicate. But instead of complaining they should admit to their bullshit. Or if their ego is too big to do that, they should definetly leave! But what’s funny, the time will go and they will be back. They are always coming back and saying that first they was pretending to be offended because it was a very painful truth for them.

In one of the previous posts I told you that I love haters! They are the true fans. They checking your social media and website at least 3 times a day. They watching your videos. They following every single step. I know it’s sometimes overwhelming. And even annoying when they leave negative comment. But every comment, no matter if positive or negative, means engagement! In your online score it means a lot!

Am I creepy?

I absolutely love comments. It's a great way to commiunicate with others. You know how crazy I am about REAL connection, engagement, conversation.. right?

Few weeks ago I received comment on Facebook "Creepy". No futher explanation... Does it mean that I'm creepy or my post was? Who cares?!

It is your choice!

Have you been sitting quietly... mouth closed, fingers still on the keyboard, unsure of how to lay it all on the line and bare your soul to the world??

Not wanting to come off arrogant, desperate, selfish, annoying.. or some other negative figment of your imagination, and you don't fully allow yourself to express what's on your mind and in your heart?

We can’t be afraid to live, right?

Yes, I want to receive corenspondence from Patrycja Franczak

I believe we don’t need to sell our soul to get what we want! It’s not easy to take the mask off and play full out. But you don’t need to change everything at once, right? I’m sure you don’t need more stress in you life! But in the same time you can’t keep doing, what you doing now. You can’t keep hiding and apologise for who you are! We can’t be afraid to live, right?

Wow! I feel like I am better in writing now. I get excited because of my own words! How cool is that?! Haha! I’m not telling the truth. I’m telling MY truth. And this makes my posts more powerful. Many people tell us: be yourself! But do we really follow this advice? I want you to follow your vision and be you! Do you need a support with that? I’m here for YOU!

Start Your High Performance Now!

Don’t Look for Excuses!

Individuality, Choices and Perspective…

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