Create your success

What the success really mean to you? Is it about money, fame? What do you want to get from your business? What you want to achive?

Working with the best

We are entrepreneurs and humans. We make mistakes, we fail. We had ups and downs but this make us stronger. We have an expertise in the subjects we wanna teach you.

Real research

We travel across the world to see what the fashion business really mean. We researching many markets and we helping fashion businesses around the world.


We don’t want to tell you that fashion business is easy. Every business needs hard work. We are here to support you and do the hard work with you.

Experts who challenge people around the world to get what they want

from their lives and businesses.

Shaneil Stewart

Visibility Strategist

Shaneil Stewart, also known as Miss Inspirer is a Visibility Strategist and Success Coach for online service based entrepreneurs and coaches. She helps them stand out online and become ``Industry Famous`` so they attract dream clients and extraordinary networking opportunities for their brand and business. Shaneil founded The Motivation & Relaxation Company Limited in 2009 and since then has been helping others to ditch their fears, build their confidence and get noticed by prospects with ease.

Patrycja Franczak

Fashion Business Transformer

The fashion achievers who working with me become free from overwhelm, frustration and limited beliefs. I teach how to get clarity and achieve more. I push where normal people would stop. My mission is to share my entrepreneurial spirit, inspire others to take radical actions, drop limited belifs, transform their lives and build fashion businesses which will create a future of fashion industry.

Cassandra Freeman

Thoughtful inspirer

Cassandra Freeman- a wife, mother of four boys and founder of Thoughtful Inspirations, she's driven to help you and your family achieve your dreams by sharing her never give up strategies she’ve learned on her way to success as an entrepreneurial mother, doctoral student, and through the use of biblical principles.

Anna Maria

Killer Content Creator

There is no other person to create killer content. She is copywriting genius and content machine. The notebook is her best friend, she just can't help it! She brainstorming the ideas in a second and research information without any problems. If you struggle with content, let her now.

Alice Voughn

Influence Counter

Maybe she's not from wonderland, but she knows everything about magic of the numbers. Marketing, advertising, social media expert. She is checking the brand visibility in a second. She knows who, what and where. Always researching the trends and seeking for new opportunities.