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When you succeed, we all win.

Don’t look for excuses!

Start, Run and Grow Your Fashion Business with #notacoach

The problem today is that fear, obstacles and lack of motivation is killing many of creative souls. And people who graduate in creative fields are not prepared to run their own businesses. We want to fill up this gap, educate and support fashion achievers in a fashion management.

Creating competitive advantage, global reach, business flexibility, data- driven science, research and project management. Preparing business models and marketing plans.

Keeping the financial stability and creating financial systems for fashion brands. Preparing business plans, predictions, presentations for investors.

Designing the organizational systems, selling processes, developing personal leadership and management skills. Making connections and team building.

Using digital technology and tech innovations in fashion businesses. Forecasting and fashion analysis. Supporting outstanding ideas and responding to the trends.


You getting crazy trying to figure things out by yourself.
You are perfection obsessed and overwhelmed by “to do” list.
You struggle with sustainable motivation to move forward.
And you implementing someone’s else vision insted of creating your own.

With us

We will help you implement and actually do the important stuff with you.
We will challenge you to wake up your entrepreneurship.
We will give you perspective and positive push into your dreams.
Together we will transform your dreams into reality.

No matter what, we all want to succeed.

We want to achive more in shorter time. We want to be flexible and create the life we fully deserve. We want to be visionary and build a business, people would love.

But we are overwhelmed by informations around us. We are sick because of critizm of others, cashflow and loyeliness. We need to deal with unknown everyday.

That’s why we should start to work together and get things done. #notacoach is offering you the best solutions for your fashion business. The only thing you have to do is contact us and let us support you.

The choice is yours!

Target Auidence
  • people who are willing and actively looking for solutions,
  • aspiring entrepreneurs,
  • established fashion businesses owners,
  • freelancers and solo operators.
Our Specialties
  • Strategy & Innovation,
  • Finances,
  • Marketing,
  • Control & Leadership.
Notable Awards
  • The nomination to the Digital Communication Awards 2015 for Patri as a influential person.
  • The nomination to the European Excellence Awards 2015 for the most inspiring and innovative project of the year.
Segments of market
  • e-commerce,
  • clothing & accessories brands,
  • retail.

Smart work


Experienced Team


Unique methods




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It’s time you regained
control over your business, dreams and desires!

We know the problems on the market. We have been fail many times. But this is always the best lesson for real entrepreneur. So what if the experienced entrepreneurs wants to share the knowledge with you. Would you say no?

Let’s think… Tomorrow morning you can wake up with smile on the face, excited about getting to work. You can plan holidays and extra weekend with friends. You can create your own freedom. You can create life you love. Imagine your successful life! You deserve for it!

London Fashion Week 2015

London Fashion Week 2015


Fashion Weekend 2014

Fashion Weekend 2014


Digital Communication Awards 2015

Digital Communication Awards 2015


European Excellence Awards 2015

European Excellence Awards 2015


Dubai Fashion Forward 2015

Dubai Fashion Forward 2015