Fashion Forward Leadership

Reaching Impossible Through Unconventional Conversations

For High-Achieving Fashion Professionals.

Would you agree?

We live in a world where highly intelligent, creative and thoughtful people are far too often working at the lower level of their abilities. A world where fashion leaders are rarely trained to turn their intelligence, creativity and thought to master their “next” level of success.

“I’m not lonely, but I feel very alone.” – that’s what I often hear from my clients, some of the most extraordinary, high- achieving people in the fashion industry.

A lot of people think that it’s wonderful to be admired. The truth is that if you’re the most interesting person in the room, you’re in the wrong room! People believe that when they have enough money, success, or reputation, they’ll be finally happy. What’s the truth? You can have it all and still feel empty inside…

So many people think that success means no longer having to feel fear. Unfortunately is the opposite. Successful people often head in the direction of their fear. Through my work, I discovered that it’s so much easier to make what we call “impossible” happen than to go after what looks possible.   


Fashion Forward Leadership Expert

I’m offering powerful conversations for influencial fashion leaders. I help fashion industry professionals go beyond imagination and achieve ‘impossible’ goals. I believe that people work with me because of 3 reasons: they need clarity, a breakthrough or they are curious about what I’m up to.

I’m not a typical expert but you’re not typical, either. I’m very direct, sometimes provocative. With me there’s nothing about being polite or fit into any norms. If I play, I play to win. I don’t speak the truth, I speak my truth. I don’t hold myself back. I follow my vision and I want others to follow theirs. Life is too short for miserable existence. We can’t be afraid to live, right? 

What Do I Do
  • Provoke people’s thinking
  • Lead powerful conversations
  • Challenge others and myself
  • Transform lives, careers and businesses
Who I work with
  • Fashion Pioneers & Innovators
  • Designers & Models
  • Executives & Catalysts
  • Retailers & Media
  • Fashion 2.0 & Creative Class

What do I know about you?

  1. You are a visionary.
  2. You experience amazing success.
  3. You have deep, competing commitments that begin to surface the more successful you become.
  4. You get comfortable in the plateau zone.
  5. You are an extremely talented problem-solver.
  6. You seek perfection.
  7. You are future-focused.
  8. You miss out on hearing the “truth”.
  9. You don’t need help.

The single biggest challenge you face as a fashion high-achiever is that your game is so much bigger than anyone around you. You play at a level at which most people can’t even see how much you are holding back from what is possible. Am I right?

Teresa Cruz

My fashion career is on a completely different level! After one month of working with her I changed my job. I get a better position and money that I never dream of. The impossible is possible!

Carolyn Maxwell

I was reading so many articles “how to start”, everywhere was written that I need a team. I'm not really good at teamwork and I didn't have money to hire so I was afraid to start doing anything. Patri showed me how to monetize my idea and design systems in my business without worrying about the team. “Start with what you have”- she said.

Jenni Anderson

Honestly: my first though was: is she insane wanting this money?! But priceless is her genuine interest, authentic conversation, expertise and knowledge. I felt like I know her forever and I get the results instantly!!!

Lisa Taylor

I felt offended when I first talk with her. I was thinking “Who she think she is?!” and then something switched. The truth may be painful. The direct language may be uncomfortable. But this gets me to the breakthrough. This really changed my life!

Lucy Green

No more silence and pretending that it's ok where it is not. She showed me different world. During the golden ticket session I was laughing, crying, screaming... it was a roller coaster of different emotions and great experience. I felt like she really gets me. Sometimes harsh, sometimes funny... so worth it!!

Katie Alison

I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else know such detailed things about my problem. You are amazing!

Laura Paul

I was visiting her website all the time, reading everything over and over again. I kept thinking, analysing the pros and cons of working with her. It feels like ages before I finally decided to contact her. Mind blowing! Big enthusiasm and professionalism at the same time. She really reads me there was no way to hide anything but playing full out was even better. #catharsis

Juna Allen

Her methods are unusual. One session is a mix of different approaches, it's an emotional roller coaster! I started to see myself and my problems in a completely different way. She knows how to step on your toes, but at the same time she is empathetic and insightful. Work with her is dynamic, challenging but also very inspiring. I never thought I would ever experience something like that. Totally worth it!

What will make our work together extraordinary for you?

Researching unique nature of fashion industry professionals has been my core interest of the past few years. I’ve been working with and learning from some of the best teachers, trainers, coaches. My mission is to share that knowledge and get fashion industry professionals operating at fuller capacities, to maximize their impact, well-being and create fashion history.

To make it work. Bring your biggest desires and all ‘impossible’ goals. Or your biggest fears and bullshit excuses. And we’ll handle them. We’ll transform them into extraordinary outcomes. We will work on your vision, beliefs, troubles. We will make decisions, see different perspectives and we will make bold choices. My support will be to support, not to please you. I will not be your friend. I will hold nothing back. Our conversation will be professional, not social. Everything will be confidential. You play full out and I bring everything to the table. I promise to tell you things no one else would dare.

I know I’m not for everyone. It’s only for those who say YES to me, and to whom I say YES. The first step to find out if we are right fit to each other is to answer this one question: what will make our work together extraordinary for you?

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