This Is a Bullsh*t Free Zone.

I Do Not Apologize for Any Inconvenience.

Have You Ever Been Thinking About Doing Something For Years But You Didn’t Do It?

We all are making plans, and plan of the plan but somehow we are not getting results we want. Do you know that feeling?


Fashion Business Expert 💁

I’m offering fashion management services, business audits, mentorship, research and analysis. Often hire as interim manager, I am breathing and living fashion. I’m not a typical coach. I’m not a coach! I’m very direct, sometimes provocative person. With me there’s nothing about being polite or fit into any norms. If I play, I play to win. I don’t speak the truth. I speak my truth. I don’t hold myself back. I follow my vision and I want others to follow theirs. Life is too short for miserable existence. We can’t be afraid to live, right? 🙌

What I Do
  • Create
  • Challenge
  • Transform
  • Talk
  • Fashion Management
  • Strategy and Financial Planning
  • Forecasting and Analysis
  • Mentorship and Public Speaking


How Can I Serve You?

You can’t expect than someone or something will come down from the sky to solve all your problems! You have to do this ON YOUR OWN! This, meaning “going after your dreams and living your FUCK YES life”, of course!


Honest feedback, professional research, development plan...

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Accountability, clarity, commitment, mentorship...

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Action plan, proven methods, guidance, inspiration...

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Janet WambuiFashion Stylist

“Great work and amazing service.Totally Recommend.”

Joshua HillFashion App Developer

“Fantastic company to deal with. Thank you very much! ”

Naresh TeliAspiring Fashion Entrepreneur

“You are the TRUE definition of a entrepreneur! ☺ !!!!”

Katie AlisonFashion Boutique Owner

“I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else know such detailed things about my problem. You are amazing!”

Stephanie KristinJ Model Management

“You have made some good points there. most individual work ever! Cheers! ”

I know what I’m doing and…

I’m damn good!

I want to look back and be proud of what I did and who I become. I believe that we all can get what we want from business and life, without selling our soul. I also believe that everyone needs support. Whatever it is a president or homeless person. I need support and you need support too. But it’s not a freaking magic. Nothing will happen overnight and no one will jump from the sky to save you. You need to do it on your own and pay the price. Because success is a pre- paid option.


You getting crazy trying to figure things out by yourself.
You are perfection obsessed and overwhelmed by “to do” list.
You struggle with sustainable motivation to move forward.
And you implementing someone’s else vision insted of creating your own.

With me

I will help you implement and actually do the important stuff with you.
I will challenge you to wake up your dreams and business mindset.
I will give you perspective and positive push into your dreams.
Together we will transform your dreams into reality.

No matter what, we all want to succeed.

We want to live the life on our own terms. We want to be AWESOME, huh?! But we need a powerful and clear vision. Happiness needs to be planned and pre- paid.

We don’t need to sell our soul to achieve that! But we need support! Do you wanna help yourself?

If no, tell me. If you are satisfied with your current life and business results. Tell me: I’m done. I don’t need any more. I’m all good! I’m fine with living from one paycheck to another. I’m good with letting my family down. I don’t need to secure the future. I don’t want to live my dream life…

The choice is yours!

Target Auidence
  • people who are willing and actively looking for solutions,
  • aspiring entrepreneurs,
  • established fashion businesses owners,
  • freelancers and solo operators.
Our Specialties
  • Strategy & Innovation,
  • Finances,
  • Marketing,
  • Control & Leadership,
  • along with Motivation and whole Life Hardcore!
Notable Awards
  • The nomination to the Digital Communication Awards 2015 for Patri as a influential person.
  • The nomination to the European Excellence Awards 2015 for the most inspiring and innovative project of the year.
Segments of market
  • e-commerce,
  • clothing & accessories brands,
  • retail.

Freaking ACTION


Experienced TEAM


Non-negotiable METHODS




Awesome TOOLS


NOW!! Is time to regain
control over your business, dreams and desires!

But hold on a sec! I don’t want to rush you. It is a huge commitment. Are you really willing to put extra work towards your goals?

Here’s what I require from you: I want you to speak your mind, play full out and act everyday towards the life and business you will love. Are you ready for that?

You are in the right place if…

You are ready to fight!

I want to spend my time with a people who want to be the champions, ok? If you wanna succeed you gonna pay the price. If you wanna fail you gonna pay the price too. This is what I learned over the years. It’s not taking any more effort to succeed as it takes to fail. Failing is painful. Getting up is a freaking work. Everything is a work! Breathing is a work and your poop is a work too. So you have to be ready to pay the price and take care of yourself before anybody else!