This Is a Bullsh*t Free Zone.

I Do Not Apologize for Any Inconvenience.


Fashion Biz Weirdo 💁

I’m international buddy who see fashion differently 👀 I’m the owner of three biz babies! I challenge fashion achievers to create outstanding businesses of their dreams and get the results they need. 💪🏻

Who do you know? 🙌

What I Do
  • Create
  • Challenge
  • Transform
  • Talk
  • Fashion Management
  • Strategy and Financial Planning
  • Forecasting and analysis
  • Sharing practice knowledge


How Can I Serve You?

You can’t expect than someone or something will come down from the sky to solve all your problems! You have to do this ON YOUR OWN! This, meaning “going after your dreams and living your FUCK YES life”, of course!


Honest feedback, professional research, development plan...

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Accountability, clarity, commitment, mentorship...

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Action plan, proven methods, guidance, inspiration...

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I know what I’m doing and…

I’m damn good!

I am confident about myself. I’m building authentic connection with my audience. I’m giving honest feedback and I’m using outstanding methods. Sometimes my language may be too strong but I’m not here to bullsh*t anyone! I’m here to support and create unapologetic awesomeness! It’s kinda cool to do that, to finally take my life in my hands, take the full responsibility and just BE!

Accept it or leave! I don’t care!


You getting crazy trying to figure things out by yourself.
You are perfection obsessed and overwhelmed by “to do” list.
You struggle with sustainable motivation to move forward.
And you implementing someone’s else vision insted of creating your own.

With me

I will help you implement and actually do the important stuff with you.
I will challenge you to wake up your entrepreneurship.
I will give you perspective and positive push into your dreams.
Together we will transform your dreams into reality.

No matter what, we all want to succeed.

We want to achieve more in shorter time. We want to be flexible and create the life we fully deserve. We want to be visionary and build a business, people would love. We want to be AWESOME, huh?!

But we are overwhelmed by informations around us. We are sick because of critizm of others, cashflow and loyeliness. We need to deal with unknown everyday. Sometimes life sucks!

That’s why we should start to work together and get really cool sh*t done. #notacoach is offering you the best solutions for your fashion business. The only thing you have to do is contact us and let us support you!

The choice is yours!

Target Auidence
  • people who are willing and actively looking for solutions,
  • aspiring entrepreneurs,
  • established fashion businesses owners,
  • freelancers and solo operators.
Our Specialties
  • Strategy & Innovation,
  • Finances,
  • Marketing,
  • Control & Leadership,
  • along with Motivation and whole Life Hardcore!
Notable Awards
  • The nomination to the Digital Communication Awards 2015 for Patri as a influential person.
  • The nomination to the European Excellence Awards 2015 for the most inspiring and innovative project of the year.
Segments of market
  • e-commerce,
  • clothing & accessories brands,
  • retail.

Freaking ACTION


Experienced TEAM


Non-negotiable METHODS




Awesome TOOLS


NOW!! Is time to regain
control over your business, dreams and desires!

We know the problems on the market. We have been fail many times. But this is always the best lesson for real entrepreneur! So what if the experienced entrepreneurs wants to share the knowledge with you. Would you say no? #silly

Let’s think… Tomorrow morning you can wake up with smile on the face, excited about getting to work! You can plan holidays and extra weekend with friends! You can create your own freedom! You can create life you love! You can achieve! You can have it all! Imagine your successful life! You deserve for it!

You are in the right place if…

You are ready to fight!

I’m working with awesome people, fashion achievers. People who are taking radical action and are ready for business hardcore! You may feel like sh*t now but it doesn’t have to be like this! Sometimes life sucks! So what?! It is what it is! But give yourself freaking space! Give yourself permission to be successful! Be who you wanna be NOW, without any excuses!

My advice: stop fucking around and take rapid action! #YOLO